The Originals: Interview with MMA UFC Fighter Robert Whiteford

The Originals: Interview with MMA UFC Fighter Robert Whiteford

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Be the one left standing – meet UFC Fighter and one of The Originals, Robert Whiteford.

Robert Whiteford is a Scottish featherweight Mixed Martial Artist and UFC fighter with a strong background in Judo and Muay Thai. Determination flows through his veins – a driving force that pushes him to be the best, full stop. This is the inspiration behind his MadeBrave® Originals signature t-shirt, to be the last one standing, not only in the ring, but in every challenge he faces. We grab five minutes with Robert to talk icons, rituals and taking his cat for a walk.

When did you first get into Mixed Martial Arts?

I started fighting in 2009 – my first fight seems like a different life now.

Did you always want to be an MMA fighter?

No – I fell into it, Judo was my background, but I have grown up fighting all my life, so once I saw MMA happening after class at my old Dojo, I knew I had to get involved, and then be the best in the room. It’s just in my make up.

Describe your typical day.

Wake up, go for a run, cook some food, a bit of daytime T.V (can’t beat a bit of Jeremy Kyle) and then more food, followed by training. My life is based around training, if i’ve got a fight coming up, I’ll train about 6 hours a day, make sure I’m hydrated, eat plenty of food, and do some yoga or a sports massage.

Tell us something people wouldn’t know about you.

I have a house cat called Ollie, sometimes I give him a walk on his lead when he fancies it.

Who is your ultimate icon?

Easy – Muhammad Ali.

What’s the inspiration behind your signature MadeBrave® Originals t-shirt?

I want to help in my own way to put Scotland and MMA on the map; we are a fighting nation, and we deserve to be recognised on the World Stage. We have it in our blood, and I wanted to portray this in the t-shirt.

Did you enjoy the creative process? Would you say you’re a creative person?

I am a fighter to be honest, that’s what I do. I could be creative if I wanted to be, my mindset is that I can do whatever I want. Before all of this, I had my own business, which I sold to become a full time athlete, and I’m creative in my training schedules every day, so it’s all about pushing yourself out of the comfort zone in everything you do.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Fighting in the UFC. But the highlight of my life is just around the corner, July 18th at the Hydro, I don’t think it could get any bigger than that in my life so far.

What’s your biggest fear?

I don’t fear anything; fear is a condition of the mind. If something is in front of me, I deal with it – i’m pretty logical thinking.

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

It’s in everything I do – I was made brave.

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