Robert Whiteford

Be the one left standing

Determination – the driving force behind Robert Whiteford.

Don’t just be good. Be the best.

Robert Whiteford is a Scottish featherweight Mixed Martial Artist and UFC fighter with a strong background in Judo and Muay Thai. It was from Judo that he fell into MMA, when he noticed a class at his Dojo and decided to not only get involved, but to become the best in the room.

It’s this attitude and determination the flows through Robert’s veins – a driving force that pushes him to be the best, full stop. This is the inspiration behind his MadeBrave® Originals signature t­-shirt, to be the last one standing, not only in the ring, but in every challenge he faces. Although he lives in South Florida to train for American Top Team, Robert is fiercely proud of his Scottish heritage.

I want to help in my own way to put Scotland and MMA on the map, we are a fighting nation, and we deserve to be recognised on the World Stage, we have it in our blood, and I wanted to portray this in the t-shirt.”

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