5 Must-Read Magazines for Creatives

5 Must-Read Magazines for Creatives

indie magazines for creatives

From fashion and music to photography and travel, here are five of our must-read magazines for creatives.

As much as we’re big fans of blogs and the rise of digital communication (we’re pretty lucky to have a whole world of information at our fingertips) there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a great printed magazine. For creatives, it’s about the entire experience of magazines – from the content and layout, right down to how the paper feels and smells (you know you’ve been there!) Whether it’s fashion, travel or music, here are a few of our top creative magazines.

Creative Review

  • The Basics: Monthly magazine set up in 1980. Current Editor, Patrick Burgoyne.
  • Genre: Everything from graphic design to advertising, illustration, typography and all things visual communication.
  • Best bits: High quality content, themed issues (architecture, fashion, typography etc), great design.
  • You’ll like it if: You know your serif from your sans.

Cereal Magazine

  • The Basics: Quarterly magazine launched in 2012 by Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton.
  • Genre: Travel and style.
  • Best bits: Distinct minimalist style and their incredible city guides.
  • You’ll like it if: You’re a fan of hidden gems and clean, Scandinavian design.

Intern Magazine

  • The Basics: A bi-annual publication for young creatives, by young creatives. Set up in 2013 by Editor-In-Chief, Alec Dudson.
  • Genre: Creative industries, education and careers.
  • Best bits: Part talent-spotter, part campaign (they’re all about abolishing unpaid internships and practise what they preach by paying their contributors)
  • You’ll like it if: You’re starting out in the creative industries.

Hope Street Magazine

  • The Basics: Quarterly magazine set up in 2013 by Art Director and Make Up Artist, Sara Hill. Based right here in Glasgow.
  • Genre: Fashion, music and culture.
  • Best bits: The issues are MASSIVE (and not full of ads). Great content, distinctive style and always a step ahead of the curve.
  • You’ll like it if: You’re a fan of things that are a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Collective Quarterly

  • The Basics: A quarterly magazine (you might have guessed) set up in 2013 by Jesse Lenz and Seth Putnam.
  • Genre: Crafts, people and travel.
  • Best bits: Collective Quarterly send their writers to unknown places in America to do in-depth research on the local communities. The end result is melting pot of culture, hidden gems and anecdotes from local artists/chefs/carpenters – you name it.
  • You’ll like it if: You’re interested in cool places and cool people.

What are your favourite creative magazines?

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