10 Things On Our ‘Just Because’ Bucket List

10 Things On Our ‘Just Because’ Bucket List

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From the thrilling to the downright daft, here are ten things on our ‘just because’ bucket list…

Sometimes all it takes is for you to write something down to make it more tangible. This is why we’re big advocates of the bucket list – it forces you to think about what you really want to do and puts it right there in front of you in black and white. The thing is, it doesn’t need to be serious! Here are the top ten things on our ‘just because’ bucket list…

Get Snap Happy
Start a photography project – choose a theme and wing it *cogs turning*

Go Explore
Just once (or maybe more), throw a dart at a map, or show up at an airport and take the first flight to anywhere. The best trips are the ones without plans! Go forth, fellow adventurer!

Say Yes
Say ‘Yes’ to everything for 24 hours. Warning: Do NOT tell your friends, trust us.

Buy Something Stupid
Set a budget and challenge each other to buy the most stupid thing within it. The most ridiculous wins.

Learn to Fly (or fall, with style)
Skydiving, bungee jumping – completely unnatural and a little out of the comfort zone, but it’s the closest you’ll get to flying.

Look Like a Crazy Person
We saw this online, and it’s a must! Run into a cafe or shop and ask what year it is, when someone answers, yell “it worked!” and run out cheering. (Can you tell we’re Back to the Future fans?)

Go Ghost Hunting
A) Plenty of opportunities to play pranks on your friends.
B) Bonus points for hiring a Mystery Machine.

Take a Technology Hiatus
Can you imagine one full week without laptops, social media or smartphones? Gasp!

Start a Collection
From shot glasses to old pennies, start a weird collection – it might be worth something one day!

Contribute to a Bucket List
Need help to cross something off your bucket list? Get in touch – let’s see if we can make it happen!

What’s on your bucket list? 

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